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Perfect Pairings

Fine wine is an elemental part of fine dining. And just like a marriage, a pairing of food and wine should be approached with care. Wine should complement, not overpower food. Strong, simple food flavors work well with robust, complex wines. Delicate foods require a more subtle wine choice.

Once you’ve made your dining selection, your server will happily help you choose a wine. But if you prefer to make your own selection, here are some guidelines.

Menu A Perfect Wine Choice  
New York Strip Cabernet Sauvignon The structured flavor of the beef stands up to a sturdy Cabernet. Black cherry and deep rich tones pair well with strip.
Ribeye Merlot Ribeye is a rich, flavorful steak. The softer tones of Merlot balance the richness of the Ribeye.
Filet of Beef Shiraz Filet is a soft, delicate cut of beef. Shiraz has body and a full flavor that enhances and deepens the taste of the filet.
Lamb Chop Meritage Meritage has finesse, suppleness, and complexity — a perfect match for a full-flavored meat like lamb.
Salmon Filet Chardonnay or Pinot Noir Chardonnays vary from light to heavy with peach and apple tones that complement salmon. Pinot is a red soft enough to pair with fish.
Chicken Breast French White Burgundies White Burgundies are crisp and lean, yet smooth and fruity — perfect enhancements to the delicacy of chicken.
Lobster Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio Both wines are light, fruity, and crisp, complementing the lobster’s buttery texture.